Macy’s Holiday Parade of Lights

Safety and Tactical Communications

Each year Walla Walla ARES provides radio communications for the parade. There are twelve positions that provide the parade leadership with parade progress reports, tactical communications, and reports of safety issues.

Net Control: Maintains control and order on the net. Logs the event, including member start/stop times and mileage. Provides communications outside the net as needed.

Corners 1 thru 6: Report parade progress and safety issues.

Comm Leader at Check-in: Provides equipment, member check in and out. Also acts as the Communications Leader with overall leadership for the event.

Parade Coordinator: Accompanies the parade coordinator, who is responsible for the overall operation of the parade.

Lead Police Car: Rides in the police car that leads the parade. It sets the pace and insures the streets are clear/safe for the parade to proceed.

Announcer: Provides communications with the announcer, updating them with progress reports and issues that may affect the order of the floats.

Staging: Accompanies the Staging Manager who coordinates the float order and handles issues with the floats.

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The Macy’s Holiday Parade of Lights is a yearly event run by the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation.