WA7WWC, Lewis Peak Amateur Repeater Association

Lewis Repeater site. Inside the shack.

Repeaters to serve amateur radio communications in Walla Walla County

Repeater frequencies:

146.960 MHz (-600 kHz) (PL 74.4)

443.450 MHz (+5 MHz) (PL 123.0)

Packet Nodes:

AL1Q-7 (W2W) on 145.070 MHz, 1200 baud

AL1Q-9 (W2W2) on 145.530 MHz, 1200 baud

Board of Directors

President - Jeff Stidham AL1Q

Vice-president - Mikel Potts KB7POT

Secretary/Treasurer - Mabel Babbitt WB5AVH

Emergency Coordinator - Keith Carlin N7ACW

Registered Agent - Rick Guse KI7GBU

WA7WWC Trustee - Jeff Stidham AL1Q


Provide voice and digital communication on VHF/UHF for emergency support of Walla Walla County Office of Emergency Management

Support Walla Walla County Amateur Radio Emergency Service