Walla Walla County ARES Leadership

Emergency Coordinator - Keith Carlin N7ACW

Assistant EC, Digital - Jeff Stidham AL1Q

Assistant EC, Waitsburg - Brian Treadway K7BDT

Assistant EC, Communications Trailer - Timber Burton N7DJE

Assistant EC, Website - Mikel Potts KB7POT


Weekly Training Nets

Primary - Thursday 1900 on 146.960 MHz (-600) (PL 74.4)

More Casual - Tuesday 1900 - same frequency

Alternate frequencies:

147.140 MHz (+600) (PL 94.8) KH6IHB

147.500 MHz Simplex


Monthly Meeting

Third Monday of each month at 1900 at the W7DP Clubhouse; corner of Taumarson Rd and SE Justice Ave, College Place, WA

Contact Us

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Walla Walla County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Keith Carlin - Emergency Coordinator 509.540.0544 email: forum: <<<<